• Primary School

    Grades PK3 – 2
    808 N. Ewing Ave.
    Dallas, TX 75203
    Phone: 214-942-8846
    Fax: 214-942-8864

  • Elementary School

    Grades 3 – 5
    831 W. 10th St., Suite B
    Dallas, TX 75208
    Phone: 214-296-9302
    Fax: 214-296-9306

  • Middle School

    Grades 6 – 8
    831 W. 10th St.
    Dallas, TX 75208
    Phone: 214-941-4881
    Fax: 214-941-4866

  • Fort Worth Primary School

    Grades PK3 – 3
    101 E Pafford St
    Fort Worth, TX 76110
    Phone: (817) 840-7501
    Fax: (817) 840-7502

  • Northwest Dallas

    Grades PK3 – 2
    10150 Monroe Dr
    Dallas, TX 76229
    Phone: (214) 501-5412
    Fax: (214) 501-5421

Central Administration Contact Information:


(214) 946-9100





400 S Zang
Suite 700
Dallas, Texas 75208

About Us

Trinity Basin Preparatory is a free public charter school that was founded in 1998.  Since opening the first campus in 1999 in Oak Cliff, Trinity Basin Preparatory has expanded to provide a safe, disciplined learning environment for more than 1300 students in grades PK3 through 8.  Trinity Basin Preparatory now has three campuses in Oak Cliff, providing an education that focuses on language acquisition skills to a predominantly low income Hispanic student base.  The vision of Trinity Basin Preparatory is to provide this education in an environment specifically designed to meet the individual academic, physical, and emotional needs of its students.  We do this by:


  1. Creating safe classrooms and campuses with strong discipline designed to foster a desire for all students to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills.
  2. Holding all students, teachers and staff accountable for always doing the best job possible every day.
  3. Establishing respectful and meaningful relationships between and among students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community.
  4. Hiring and rewarding “Save the World” teachers whose passion for education manifests itself in the development of engaging, interactive lessons and activities.  These teachers know that what they do is not just a job, but rather a calling. They work harder, care more, and go above and beyond every day.